• 2016


the_fixMany first-time drivers inherit or purchase older model vehicles, and they lack knowledge of proper car care maintenance and repair. Help this younger audience and your business by promoting your services at driver’s ed classes or through discussions with your customers that are parents of new drivers.

tire_jackAbout 2/3 of teen drivers are “clueless” or have “average” knowledge when it comes to basic car maintenance.¹

2 in 3 teens don’t know how to check or change the oil, or jump-start a battery.¹teaching

Today 52% of of today’s teens don’t know how to replace a tire.²

62% of the parents surveyed³ say it is “extremely important”  for teens to be able to identify basic car parts.

¹According to a parental survey (http://www.automd.com/about-automd/press/09-14-2011/) conducted by AutoMD.com, an automotive repair website. ²According to a study commissioned by Michelin and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. ³Surveyed 4,000 self-identified parents of teen drivers who visited automotive websites between late July and early September.


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