• 2016


Richard Horner, Naples, FL

Five Mopar® vehicles led to this breathtaking Belvedere.

When Richard Horner decides on a Mopar®, he pulls out all the stops to get it and make it right. Case in point, his 1964 Limited Production Max Wedge Belvedere Hardtop Low Compression 11:1 with a Manual 4-Speed. To date, he believes there are only nine left in existence.

“When my wife asked me to scale down my collection to one car, I knew it needed to be a very special car. I wanted it to be a Mopar that would be a keeper. Something different. The Belvedere fit the ticket.” But it didn’t come without a price. He sold four of his collection of five Mopar vehicles at the time – one of which was featured in a book called Muscle Car Color History, by Paul Zazarine – and traded his fifth to purchase the vehicle which was in need of full restoration.

This car is special – and it comes with the man hours to prove it. “I purchased the car in July of 1994, never dreaming it would take me 14 years to complete the project,” says Horner, who explained that most of the time was spent tracking down parts. “It makes sense really, with only a few handfuls of vehicles on the road. In 2002 I had to move from Denver to Florida. But I wasn’t willing to sell the vehicle. I contracted the skilled, talented and widely-known Mopar restoration expert, Jim  Zellner and painting artist John May who helped turn my accumulation of assorted parts into the car I have today. They finished it in 2007 and I had it trailered to me in Florida. Without them, my Belvedere may have never returned to life after being parked since the mid-80s.”

Now with the vehicle complete, it’s go time… Richard and his wife enjoy showing their Belvedere at car shows a few times a year and use it to help raise money for organizations like the Shriners.


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