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Constant velocity axles are often taken for granted by automotive techs. Either they’re doing fine and forgotten about, or there’s a whole lot of racket coming from under the vehicle…then a scramble to diagnose a defective CV joint.

In truth, there’s really not a lot of middle ground between a good or a bad CV joint. That’s because there’s a lot more to CV axles than meets the eye: uniform torque delivery to reduce torque steer, proper balancing to reduce vibrations, and a durable boot to protect and retain critical joint grease.

That’s where the Mopar® difference comes into play.

Remanufactured to O.E. factory specifications using proprietary data and processes, Mopar Remanufactured CV Axles provide the greatest cost value while being the closest match to the factory service part.

“At the end of the day, a great CV Axle reman comes down to the feel of the assembler, who has been exclusive to Mopar for a length of time. It’s ensuring there’s no binding and smooth operation throughout the range of motion,” said Peter Wright, production supervisor for Mopar Remanufacturing. “That’s the artisan approach and the proprietary technical data that sets Mopar CV axles apart from the aftermarket competition.”

The Mopar ® Difference: Remanufactured CV Axles

Every mechanic and shop manager makes rapid parts decisions all day long: O.E., aftermarket, remanufactured or used. Quick decisions matter, and based on the job and cost of replacement CV Axle components, Mopar® Remanufactured parts make that choice much easier.

Batch Processing

Mopar remanufacturing processes only FCA US-brand parts at high volumes. They process CV axle DSC_8050TouchedJWremanufacturing in batches of like products. This greatly reduces the possibility of a part mismatch or specification (measurement) error.

Technical Artisans

Mopar Remanufacturing has factory trained technical experts and assemblers who specialize in FCA US CV axles. Access to the FCA specifications, combined with their product expertise, provides an artisan approach to remanufacturing.

Cleaning and Inspection

First in the process, each CV axle shaft is cleaned, inspected for damage and disassembled. Any component that appears questionable is scrapped; good parts get sorted and move on to the next step.

Genuine Mopar Parts

Mopar Remanufacturing uses genuine factory parts as part of the reman process. In cases where factory parts are not available, factory benchmark tested replacement parts are used.

Proprietary Specifications and Data

Because Mopar remanufactured CV axles are the only factory-authorized source, the entire process has been designed and supervised by FCA US engineering, with proprietary technical data and the latest version/service updates applied to each process.


The 1959 Mini was the first high volume production car to use a transverse mounted engine and front-wheel drive. It was developed by Greek-born engineer and designer, Alex Constantine Issigonis. Its special driveshaft could simultaneously handle torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, without disrupting steering and drivability.

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