• 2016


Pioneer Automotive Services

❱❱ Employees: 6

❱❱ Service Bays: 11

❱❱ In Business: 6 years

❱❱ Mopar Parts Dealer: Oak Harbor Motors, Inc.

❱❱ Customer Accommodations:  Fresh coffee, free Wi-Fi, DIRECTV, beverages, child’s playroom, shuttle service, comfy

PERFECTION IN PRACTICE When it comes to fixing vehicles, few shops are more perfection oriented. “We hate bring backs and we do everything we can to avoid them, we want to make sure the vehicle is fixed correctly 100% of the time. It ensures our customers come back for their next repair — and it buys us free word of mouth advertising,” said Doug Maloney, service manager at Pioneer Automotive Services.

imagejpeg_1100% VERIFIABLE REPAIRS That means that every repair is based in fact. Pioneer techs analyze every vehicle with electronic testing, wiring diagnostics and factory diagnostic flow charts from the engineer who built the car. The end result is a pinpointed problem followed by a complete solution. “We aren’t just guessing,” said Doug. “And we find other problems in the process so we can repair the root issue and any other component of it.”

RAPID RESULTS “Our claim to fame is to diagnose and make the repair in one day, if we have the part Screen-Shot-2016-04-29-at-1.18.35-PMavailable,” said Doug. Typically they do. With three deliveries of Mopar® parts per day and excellent relationships with local dealers, Pioneer diagnoses, collaborates and repairs the vehicle promptly, and with excellent accuracy.

O.E. PARTS ARE PART OF EQUATION Educating the customer is key — especially when they are tempted by a lower priced part. Pioneer stands behind the use of O.E. parts — right down to the fluids they put in the vehicle. “We do everything we can to show the difference between O.E. and aftermarket parts,” said Doug. “Once we explain the difference, we can all but guarantee the customer will realize O.E. parts are well worth the cost.”