• 2016


Rick’s Automotive

❱❱ Employees: 40

❱❱ Service Bays: 28

❱❱ In Business: 36 years

❱❱ Mopar Parts Dealer: John Youngblood Motors, Inc.

❱❱ Customer Accommodations: Televisions with technician biographies, customers see their car from the waiting area, flavored coffee, free shuttle, concierge service at local hospital, conference room, free Wi-Fi and loaner cars

Screen-Shot-2016-04-29-at-12.24.33-PMPOSITIVITY IN ACTION Rick Hughlett is the owner and founder of Rick’s Automotive — a full service auto repair shop established in 1980. It started by accident really, when he went to trade school to learn how to fix his own car. He liked it and worked in a few shops until starting his own facility at age 23. The shop now earns $6 million in annual revenue. Its success is built on a primary principle: “Treat people right and the dollars will come.”

A HAPPY STAFF MAKES HAPPY CUSTOMERS “I wanted to own a shop that I would like working in,” saidScreen-Shot-2016-04-29-at-12.13.49-PM Rick. That’s what Rick built. The right employees came and stayed — many for 20+ years. And why wouldn’t they? Catered “Lunch and Learns” every Tuesday, top notch repair training and equipment, a full in-house fitness center complete with showers, 100% paid health insurance, 401K match and employees are rewarded with a dream vacation on their 20 year anniversary. “I believe in healthy, happy employees. We are a family here. Our customers feel it and are a part of it as well.”

Screen-Shot-2016-04-29-at-12.24.11-PMHIGH-FIVE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE When a customer walks in the door at Rick’s, they are greeted within five seconds. “The first thing the customer sees is happy employees — and it affects their experience,” said Rick. “Happiness breeds happiness.” All advisors go to a full week of Dale Carnegie training with the belief that the better trained they are, the more comfortable they are with the customers. It’s a formula that works — customers and service advisors laughing together is a minute-to-minute occurrence.

FOCUSED ON THE FIX “I didn’t start out to have the biggest shop, but I wanted to have the best,” said Rick. Now he has both. Part of the success is an extreme attention to detail when doing what they do best – fixing cars. “ “We fix the car properly and take great care of the customer in the process. We appreciate them and, in turn, they stay with us.”

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