• 2016

The Fix – Pop the hood

The numbers don’t lie. In a recent nationwide Car Care Council survey, a simple inspection of cars out of warranty can reveal some pretty common, but easily fixable issues. To help keep them safe on the road, you owe it to your customers to perform thorough inspections under the hood every time you service their vehicle.

  • Almost every car and truck surveyed needed at least one repair or a part replaced – 84 percent.
  • It’s smart to be first, as studies show that a vast majority of customers will replace a  tired automotive battery at the first shop that suggests the need.

  • Maintain the proper coolant level. When the engine is turned off, engine temperatures rise and localized boiling may occur, and can affect, certain components, especially those made of aluminum.

  • The unlucky percentage of vehicles with defective brake fluid – 13 percent.

  • The percentage of vehicles with low, leaking or defective coolant – 13 percent.

  • Serpentine belts are suspect and ready for replacement between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. Inspect for cracks, nicks or fraying. Mopar® belts provide perfect fit and function.

  • Nearly one-in-five vehicles needs a new engine belt (17 percent).

  • Low or leaking oil was found on one-quarter of all vehicles surveyed (25 percent).

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