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Since 1986, Danny’s Automotive in Midland, Texas, has operated with one primary goal in mind: put its customers’ needs first. That simple formula keeps the shop humming five days a week, 10 hours a day.

One of the biggest reasons Danny’s Automotive stays busy is because it has a great reputation in the area. The shop’s manager, Chris Taylor, attributes that success to training. “I hire and keep experienced mechanics but I also send them to continuing education courses, too. I want to make sure they have all of the new information they need,” said Taylor. That way, when a customer brings a vehicle in, the mechanics know where to look for problems and are well equipped to know how to fix them. Quickly. It’s a key strategy in such a fast-paced shop and it’s what has helped Danny’s Automotive solidify its customer base.

A high percentage of the shop’s business is from repeat customers and referrals. In fact, word of mouth is so good around town that most new customers know to drop their vehicles off, instead of waiting for them. “A waiting room? We don’t have one of those,” Taylor said, “but our customers know – they drop their vehicles off. If we get someone who waits, he’s in my office.”

Maybe being that close to the manager’s ear is another reason why people feel so comfortable referring Danny’s Automotive. For 30 years, the shop built its reputation for delivering exemplary customer service to make sure patrons are taken care of. And that dedication seems to be working well for this shop. “We’re pretty busy,” Taylor said. “We’ve got about a one to two week waiting period right now.”

Sometimes, that kind of service requires a deeper knowledge and the ability to take on a unique job. “We get performance vehicles in here from time to time, and one of them needed a special performance clutch ordered and installed so the car could make its track date,” said Taylor. “We got it done in two days and it got on the track.”

When customers find that level of confidence and commitment, they’re more than willing to come back. And chances are, they’ll bring friends with them.

Chris Taylor, Danny’s Automotive,

Midland, Texas

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