• 2016


Bob and Amanda Haberberger, Union, MO

Bob: 1970 Duster Racecar

Wife, Amanda: 1969 Dart Convertible

Dad, Leroy: 1973 Duster

The best man, Clayton: 1968 Super Bee

Brother, Brian: 1972 Barracuda

It’s no surprise that when Bob and Amanda Haberberger got married in 2014, they and their wedding party11402703_1602950969943398_4369350263949876489_o drove down the aisle in vintage Mopar® cars. After all, Bob owns the same 1970 Duster his dad drove when Bob was a baby. It’s even less of a surprise that Amanda’s wedding “walk” down the aisle was also Mopar inspired – she drives a 1969 Dart.

On their one year anniversary, Bob wrote this of his bride: “Happy anniversary to the girl who loves me and respects me for who I am, the girl who isn’t afraid to pick up a tool and work, and the girl that’ll jump in the truck and drive across country with me because I see a car that’s cool … I love you beautiful!”

11062017_1602948789943616_3521843740281876096_oTo the Haberberger’s, cars are also about family. In good times and in bad, “Mopar has been a huge part of my family for as long as I can remember,” says Bob. Even when his father Leroy was diagnosed with colon cancer, Mopar was part of the healing process. “My dad had a ’73 Duster — completely stripped. When dad was in the hospital my brother Brian and I asked him if we could work on the fender. We got it into the shop, called up our friends and completely restored the whole car.” When Leroy came out of the hospital and saw the car, the Haberberger boys recall his expression — it was 100% joy.

“There’s something about those Mopar cars that just keep going and going. I think the same is true for the people who connect with them, because my dad is in remission and going just as strong as that Duster.”

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