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2011 Challenger R/T Super Track Pak

Challenger Joe, Penfield, NY

Since he was three years old life was all about Mopar® cars for Joe. He remembers his first ride in a baby blue ‘67 Charger named “Charlie” — face pressed up against the rear window dreaming he was behind the wheel. To fulfill the fantasy, he bought toy cars at a local Bronx bike shop — a hobby that would become a passion.

Fast forward to age 15, when Joe got to drive a souped-up 1970 ‘Cuda, a 383 with swapped 440 heads and a pistol grip shifter.

“I had to use both feet to push down the clutch and needed help shifting it into gear – and then all I could get it to do was donuts,” recalls Joe, ”I was in 15-year-old Mopar heaven.”

10593176_710633129026058_3306811373171792842_nHe visited heaven again in May 2011, when Joe bought his very own Mopar car: a new 1 of 9 Billet Silver Metallic Challenger R/T Classic Super Track Pak with hood to fender stripes. Soon after the purchase, Joe started collecting 1/64th scale

“When packages showed up at the house every day my wife started asking questions. I half-jokingly told her I joined the Challenger of the Day club.” Neither Joe nor his wife imagined his collections would reach nearly 800-die cast Challenger vehicles, but it’s certainly headed in that direction. Joe owns  over 700 and knows the history of each and every one. He showcases the die casts and their history on his website: ChallengerOfTheDay.com.

Why does Joe go to such lengths to share his collection? “When I drive or sit and look at a Dodge Challenger, all I feel is pure joy and excitement. I just have to share the feeling!”

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