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With a large number of late-model Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300 vehicles turning up in the used car market, opportunities for 2011-and-newer 5.7L HEMI® engine LX/LC-platform performance upgrades are heating up.

With the Mopar® Scat Pack Performance Upgrade Kits now hitting dealer shelves, expect things to get that much hotter.

That’s great news for Mopar performance enthusiasts as the factory-engineered kits can add up to 75 horsepower* to the stock 5.7L HEMI engines, while maintaining the factory warranty and reliability.

So if owners want to mildly personalize their rides — or want a full-bore street machine — Mopar Performance Parts offers three stages of Scat Pack Performance Upgrade Kits from mild to wild that can be installed by a dealer. Keep in mind, stage 2 and 3 kits are not street legal.

Mopar Powertrain Engineer Sean Simpson is the chief tech of the Mopar Performance Parts team that created the much-lauded Drag Pak Challenger, and led the new Scat Pack design team.

“Scat Pack is the realization of the performance kit concept we announced at the 2013 SEMA show and is the next step in the transformation of the new Mopar Performance line,” he said.

UnderHoodIn designing the new Scat Pack Performance Upgrade Kits, the team’s goals were to deliver performance gains that were attainable without interfering with the original warranty, emissions and overall factory robustness. While the stage 2 and 3 kits are not 50-state emissions legal, the Scat Pack 1 Performance package bolts on without violating Federal O.E. certification or CARB emissions requirements.

“Our goal was to design products that work reliably in all sorts of conditions and environments while delivering optimum performance gains,” Simpson said. “We tested these products extensively on our factory dynos and leverage our powertrain engineering resources from FCA US LLC to ensure we deliver on that promise.”

Unique among the Scat Pack Performance Upgrade Kits are the factory performance-tuned PCMs that come with the Stage 1 kit. This delivers the best of both worlds: dynamic performance gains paired with factory reliability and SAE J1349 dyno-tested robustness.

Scat Pack Performance Upgrade Kits are sold individually and require progressive stages to install. However, Mopar offers “Bee-Liever” kits for Challengers and Chargers. These combo kits contain all the components of Scat Pack 1, 2 and 3 except the PCM. Plus, the Scat Pack 3 badges.

The Kits: Diving into the Beehive


Scat Pack 1 Kit delivers sizeable power and torque gains along with improved performance drivability and a more throaty exhaust note.

“This is a great option for owners who want to add a mild level of customization and personalization,” Simpson said, adding that the Stage 1 kit can typically be installed in four to five hours. “It really opens the door to performance tuning.”

Powertrain Control Module

Cold Air Intake

Cat-Back Exhaust

Performance Oil Filter

Two Scat Pack 1 Badges

NOTE: The Scat Pack 1 shaker hood package does not include the cold-air intake. Chrysler 300 Stage Kits do not include badges.


Further dialing up the dynos, the Scat Pack 2** Kit features a performance camshaft and valvetrain to add even more HP and torque over the stock 5.7L HEMI® engine.

“This is where the valvetrain and designing the proper springs was essential,” Simpson said. “We developed an engineering and validation process specifically for our performance valve springs, and we believe they are the best on the market.”

Performance Camshaft

Upper/Lower Gasket Set

Heavy-Duty Pushrods

Valve Springs

Tie Bar Kit

Two Scat Pack 2 Badges

NOTE: Requires Scat Pack 1 kit. Chrysler 300 Stage Kits do not include badges.


Combined with Scat Pack 1 and 2, the Scat Pack 3** Performance Upgrade Kit utilizes high-flow CNC-ported and polished cylinder heads and Apache (SRT®) exhaust manifolds and catalysts.

“We tested a lot of different head ports on the market and a lot of them are either race-only applications or not really affordable,” Simpson said. “We extensively tested our heads on chassis dynos and on the track, and feel our porting design is the best of all of them.”

CNC-Ported High-Flow Cylinder Heads

Gasket Set

6.4L Apache (SRT®) Exhaust Manifolds and Catalyst

Mounting Brackets


Scat Pack 3 Badges

NOTE: Requires Scat Pack 1 & 2 kits. Chrysler 300 Stage Kits do not include badges.


Running a factory performance group is an enviable situation for any automotive enthusiast. But for Mopar Performance Engineer Sean Simpson and his team at the FCA US Tech Center in Auburn Hills, it’s never ‘just another day at the office.’ Rather, it’s living memories of the legendary Mopar factory performance groups from the 1960s and ‘70s. Their mission: build dominant street machines that would hit the drag strips on the weekend to spur showroom sales on Monday. This is how the classic Dodge Scat Pack vehicles were born.

Back then the Scat Pack vehicles featured the 1968 Dodge Dart GTS, Coronet R/T and the Charger R/T.BurnOut

According to Simpson, today’s Mopar Performance group operates very similar to the legendary factory performance shops, but in much more high-tech ways. Factory dynamometers, rapid prototype test parts and telemetry systems,  CAD and computer analysis are just the beginning. Across the tech center campus is an assortment of FCA US powertrain and chassis engineers, with plenty of test cars and helmets atop cubicles and stuffed in desk drawers ready to go.

“Their engineers know the strengths of the engines and platforms, so they can help us develop more awesome products,” Simpson said. “We test parts in vehicles that our program engineers can take out and beat up on a regular basis. Then we take them to the drag strips and to the track, and burn them some more on chassis dynos.”

For those parts that pass the test? According to Simpson, they’ve been brutally vetted, and if they survive, they’ll get the Mopar Performance seal of approval. And a new legendary Mopar part number.

For more information on ordering Scat Pack Performance Upgrade Kits, contact your local FCA US dealer.

* Maximum horsepower gains were validated based on using the SAE J1349 testing standard, however, actual power gains depend on specific vehicle applications, conditions and vehicle options. Some performance gains might be less.

** Federal law, and many state, provincial and local laws impose vehicle emissions and safety standards that prohibit the use of a motor vehicle on public streets and highways if the vehicle is not compliant with such standards. FCA US customers are responsible for complying with applicable federal, state, provincial and local laws, including environmental and safety laws, and for determining whether their modified vehicle complies with such laws. Vehicles with Scat Pack 2 and 3 Performance Upgrade Kits installed are prohibited from operating on public streets and highways.