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Mark Swindal’s 2011 Charger

Mark Swindal, Hinesville, Georgia

The skulls and the skeleton are just part of my theme. No, I don’t worship the devil. I call the skeleton “Skully.” The reaction from some people is unreal.

Reader-Rides---Mark-Swindal---Charger-photo-6After I sold my truck, I thought it was time to make a bolder statement. My 2011 Charger has been completely modifi ed. The suspension features an Airlift air ride with e-Level that automatically levels itself when you get in. I can start it and control the air ride with my phone.

I’ve been modifying cars since 1987. It’s my hobby. The fun part is in the planning process, staying up till two in the morning, trying to fi gure out what you’re going to do next.

My Charger was the fi rst with all four vertical doors on the new body style. I know that because Vertical Doors Inc. (VDI) was the only company selling the kit for the rear doors. The rear doors wouldn’t fi t, so my buddy, Billy West from FX Customs, and VDI, collaborated and modifi ed one of the factory pieces on the car to make the doors work.

This Charger is one of a kind, there’s nothing like it on the road. It’s an R/T with an SRT8® rear bumper and SRT rearInteriorView wing bought through my Mopar® dealer. It has a unique frame on it, and the front grille and front lip are all custom handmade. Everywhere I go  it’s a show-stopper. The car also has custom graphics that were done by Sean Burnley out of Hampton, Georgia. He painted singer Chris Brown’s car – I just happened to meet him at a car show.

My Charger has won at least 30 trophies. But it’s not about winning, I just like to see the kids’ faces light up when they see the car. Plus most car shows are for a charity, so that’s what’s important. One of these days I’ll get rid of the Charger. For my next vehicle, I’m looking at a full-size four door Ram 1500. I’m going to supercharge that thing immediately and then I’m going to paint it.

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