• 2015

Stuffed with Fluff. Filled with Purpose.

 Not Your Average Bear

“Mopar® Miles” may be a plush bear constructed of polyester fabric and fill, but he’s all heart when it comes to helping teens stay safe on the streets. The Mopar brand’s furry new friend made his debut in September at the “Mopar Road Ready668A0460_v2 Powered by Dodge” teen driver safety program in Center Line, Michigan.

His mission: take “Mopar Miles” along as your roadside companion and help keep kids safe.

Mopar is donating a portion of the proceeds for every “Mopar Miles” bear sold, to the B.R.A.K.E.S. teen driving school and a goal to fund a “Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge” B.R.A.K.E.S. event.

Don’t expect this bear to slip into hibernation any time soon. “Mopar Miles” is fluent on social media. He’ll share his many adventures and provide his followers and fans sneak peeks of Mopar events via posts and tweets.

“Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge”
“Mopar® Miles” is also helping to raise awareness about the “Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge” program, which features a slate of seven events scheduled for late 2015 and early 2016, each dedicated to training and educating teenage drivers.

The advanced driving program, designed to teach safe and defensive driving techniques, is available to teens between the ages of 15 and 19 with a learner’s permit or driver’s license, and at least 30 hours of driving experience. Each teen driver’s participation in the training program will include a companion experience for a parent or adult guardian who will also actively take part.

“Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge” sessions provide a brief classroom review of core driving topics, including proper seat positioning, hand positioning and basic vehicle dynamics. Advanced behind-the-wheel training will then be provided to teens, with on-track course sessions including accident avoidance (slalom), distraction, panic stop, wheel drop and wet skid pad.

For information on future “Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge” events, visit: www.Mopar.com or www.putonthebrakes.org.

“Mopar Miles” is available for purchase for $24.95 at your local FCA US LLC dealership, or get yours at: www.wearmopar.com (item code A72751642N).A7251642N-3000

Track Your “Miles”

Follow along online with “Mopar Miles” throughout the upcoming months and see how his mission to educate teens about the importance of vehicle safety unfolds: Facebook.com/Mopar, Mopar.com, Twitter.com/OfficialMOPAR.

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