• 2015

Reader Rides – One Fast Family

“I know it’s just a car, but over the years it’s meant quite a bit to my family.” Mary Holt reminisces about an old Mopar muscle machine that her husband still owns. Bought new in 1973, the Plymouth Road Runner has been with her family through both the tough times and the fun times. “We were a military family and there were hobby shops and car shows 1970s0005-1on the base where we lived. It gave you something to do on the weekend and the family could be involved in it.”

The first time Mary pushed the pedal to the metal, her heartbeat accelerated right along with the 1972 Satellite Sebring Plus she had borrowed from her husband Tony without telling him. He tried to chase her down in his other car — a 1967 GTO — but it was no contest. “I was so far ahead of him,” Mary boasts. “I decided when I get my own car it’s going to be something with power in it!” She now has a 505 horsepower 2006 Viper SRT10® truck, a 2008 Dodge Challenger and a 2000 Durango.

Mary and Tony passed their love of cars on to their son Demetrius. He likes the full throttle thrill of Mopar® muscle 1970s0002-1too. Demetrius has a 2008 Charger Super Bee, souped up with Mopar parts. “Everything is Mopar branded — I don’t put anything else on it,” says Demetrius.

Mopar muscle has truly brought this family together. “I’m 31 years old now so I’m able to appreciate a lot of stuff that my dad always said to me growing up,” Demetrius says. “Being able to share this whole Mopar thing with him is great.”

Besides his 1973 Plymouth Road Runner, Tony also has a numbered 2008 Challenger, a 2015 Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat, a 2015 Ram pickup, a 2006 Charger SRT 8® and a 2003 Dodge Ram conversion van. But nothing beats his new 2016 Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat. “The (SRT®) Hellcat is untouchable,” says Tony. He’d better tell that to his wife and son.


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