• 2015

Magneti Marelli Takes Aim at Growing “Sweet Spot”


If you’ve been on the front lines in the service industry for any length of time, you’ve seen the changes — cars and trucks getting more technically complex and they’re getting older. According to HIS Automotive, with more than 257 million registered vehicles in operation in the U.S. and the average age now at 11.5 years, many analysts predict solid growth for independent repair shops for years to come.

While good for the industry, it also means more repair shop owners might find themselves stretched thin, looking to capitalize on that “sweet spot” of post-warranty repairs and maintenance. Others may struggle to fill voids in technical support and the sourcing of reliable service parts.

For mechanic Mike Davis, who has been servicing cars for more than 45 years in Suburban Detroit, the aging fleet has been good for business at the Metro 25 Firestone store in Livonia.

“These days, it’s not unusual to see a car with 200,000 miles on the odometer,” he said, noting that the more lucrative service opportunities begin around the 100,000 mile mark.

“It’s hard to make much money on a tire change and alignment,” he said, “but when I see a car come in with 80- to 100-thousand miles, I know it’s time for some real repairs.”

To help independent shops better service those customers, Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar® has tapped its expertise as a global tier supplier to expand its lineup of aftermarket maintenance and repair parts. The results have been a series of new parts options that continue to grow at a robust pace, providing repair shops with affordable O.E.-quality options they can trust.

Magneti Marelli has already established a supply chain of service and maintenance parts that expands beyond the FCA US LLC brands to include Ford, General Motors, Honda, BMW, Toyota and other Asian and European brands. The line card includes air/oil filters, spark plugs and sensors, starters and alternators, and batteries. More recently, Magneti Marelli expanded its line of brake rotors and drums.


Magneti Marelli service and maintenance parts deliver the quality, value and all-makes coverage shops need to service the “sweet spot” every time.

Brake Rotors and Drums – Designed to match O.E. vehicle requirements and manufactured with superior materials, Magneti Marelli brake rotors and drums are SAE J2928 dyno-tested to deliver smooth, quiet braking with minimal vibration and correct run-out values.

BatteriesBatteries – Leveraging its expertise in racing and as a top tier global supplier, Magneti Marelli all-makes batteries offer best-in-class design and construction, 24- and 36-month warranty coverage and 30 part numbers that cover more than 87 percent of the North American battery replacement market.

Starters and Alternators – Your local FCA US LLC dealer now stocks Magneti Marelli remanufactured starters and alternators for domestic and import brands. Remanufactured to match O.E. vehicle requirements, they feature all-new brushes, bushings and bearings, and machined armatures. The starters feature new solenoids, and alternators include regulators tested to O.E. specifications.

Water Pumps – Magneti Marelli Water Pumps are designed to match O.E. vehicle requirements and manufactured with superior materials to ensure exceptional protection against leakage and contamination, superior performance, maximum durability and precise fit. Plastic impellers are made from 40 percent fiberglass-reinforced PPS, and all pumps come with all the necessary components for proper fit and a long-life performance.

5 Tips on Cashing In on the “SWEET SPOT”

Everyone agrees there’s a definite “sweet spot” when it comes to cashing in on the post-warranty service market. But, how do you gear up for expanding service opportunities? Here are five tips to help.

dreamstime_xs_36328081STAY AHEAD OF THE TECH CURVE

Knowledge is king, and the more you’re on top of the latest technologies, the better off you’ll be once they show up at your door.


As younger drivers tend to avoid vehicle maintenance work themselves, many independent shops are turning to social media and websites to convert new “Do It For Me” customers into long-term service opportunities.


Most repair shops tend to have one big market advantage: their ability to build close, long-term relationships with their customers. Turn expert customer service into long-term, repeat business.


If growth is taxing your technical staff, use social media and career opportunities to attract new talent, then split your techs into teams of diagnosticians, mechanics and maintenance staff.


Unlike our fathers, today’s customers have little idea how a car operates, let alone, what to do when things go south. Key in on building trust through honesty, clear communications and fair pricing, and your customers will Tweet it to the world.