• 2015

The Mopar Difference – Mopar Reman Alternators and Starters


MRSM_000A62_00048Only Authentic Mopar® Reman Alternators and Starters are built to FCA US LLC Engineering specifications. They provide optimum torque output and current draw, leading to increased performance and durability, ensuring that the engine starts quickly and reliably. O.E. specifications are unavailable to the aftermarket, and parts that don’t meet those exacting tolerances often cause battery drain and system strain. Only Mopar knows Mopar specs, so stick with our Reman Alternators and Starters for precise performance.

Choose Mopar® Reman.MR_000A63_00006

In a benchmark analysis, only Mopar® Alternators and Starters consistently met O.E. requirements for performance, durability and reliability. The reason: Mopar Reman products are built to FCA US Engineering specifications that are not shared with the aftermarket.

›› Mopar® Reman Alternators are built to the vehicle’s precise electrical output parameters

›› Only O.E. regulators are used by Mopar on PCMcontrolled models to make minor adjustments to the idle and meet electrical demand — parameters that competitors can’t control

›› Mopar Reman Starters provide optimum torque output and current draw, promoting high performance, long-lasting durability and ensuring quick and reliable engine starts

›› Aftermarket parts that don’t match O.E. specs often generate low torque output and high current draw, draining the battery and straining electrical systems

›› Mopar Reman Alternators and Starters look brand new, thanks to state-of-the-art cleaning processes

›› Anti-corrosion coatings on all critical components are placed on Mopar Reman Alternators and Starters to promote long-lasting life and durability


Starters Ours                            vs.      Theirs
Mopar Test Mopar Reman Aftermarket
Brush Holder New, New Brushes Used with Heavy Corrosion
Planetary Gear Assembly Excellent Worn Teeth
Drive Gear Turns Smoothly Turns Roughly
Plunger Lever Excellent Worn on Solenoid Side


Alternators Ours                            vs.    Theirs
Mopar Test Mopar Reman Aftermarket
Bearings New O.E. Mid Quality Offshore
Hardware Seals New, Included One Used, One Missing
Rotor Assembly Clean w/Anti-Corrosion Rust, No Anti-Corrosion
Stator Excellent No Anti-Corrosion, Black Overspray
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