• 2015

Small Shop, Big Heart


❱❱ Employees: 3

❱❱ Service Bays: 3

❱❱ Mopar® Parts Dealer: Spartanburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep®

❱❱ Outreach/Advertising: Pristine waiting area, coffee, shuttle customers when necessary


Matt Harris started his shop, Harris Automotive, just two years ago in March 2013, but he’s already earned a stellar reputation for solving problems like no other shop can. Harris Automotive has 2,000 sq. ft. of shop space with an additional 800 sq. ft. of office space. Harris has a secretary and one technician. He says he has a small shop with a big heart. “I care,” says Harris. “I care about customer concerns. This is what I do.” Harris decided to open his own shop after spending 19 years working in dealerships. “I just felt like I went as far as I could go, as far as being in the dealerships, and I really just wanted to try my own thing.”

Honesty & Integrity

Harris-Top-Shops-photo-1Harris has a lot of repeat business. He attributes that to his integrity. “I would say the main things are honesty and trust,” says Harris. “Just trying to be honest with people — trying not to sell them something they don’t need. When you build that trust and relationship with a customer, it’s never a question of how much something is going to cost, but whether or not it’ll take care of their problems.”

Harris-Top-Shops---photo-3_v2Growth Spurt

Harris Automotive is growing this year. Harris says he wants to double his shop area by adding another 2,000 sq. ft. His business is going so well he wants to add three more bays and hire another employee.

Knowledge is Power

Harris started working in Chrysler dealerships when he was 20 years old. He believes the knowledge he gained over all those years is what keeps him competitive. “I was master gold certified in all the areas of Chrysler … I learned a lot and have been around a lot of good people,” says Harris. “My knowledge with Mopar® brings a lot of people to me. I fix a lot of problems that other people can’t fix.’

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