• 2015

Shop Talk

How to provide an elite customer experience:


We want to build a relationship with all of our customers. We want them to return with their vehicles and, of course, we want to fix their cars right the first time. As far as measuring ourselves, we use a professional research and training company to conduct surveys and research. We try to provide world-class service and use the parameters we set with a professional training company to make sure we take care of our customers. The biggest things we do to earn customer trust is listen to the customer, inspect their vehicles thoroughly and sell only what is needed.

John Koskovich, Director of Purchasing, Brakes Plus

Centennial, Colorado



Track Your Customer Satisfaction

Many shops leverage the expertise of outside firms and software to ensure customer satisfaction. The following companies provide services such as follow-up phone calls, customer surveys, referral programs and more.

Client Heartbeat        SurveyMonkey        Customersure          Floqapp               Temper

Optimove                    CallFire                     ReferralCandy         Amplifinity         Customer Thermometer