• 2015

Your Shop at Their Fingertips

An industry-first Accident Assistant feature helps guide owners to FCA US LLC certified collision shops and assists in scheduling appointments all from their mobile device.

The Mopar® brand’s suite of recently enhanced FCA US Owner Apps boasts a new industry-first Accident Assistant dreamstime_xl_36595488feature, helping to guide owners through fender-bender stress, connect them with FCA US Recognized Collision Repair shops and assist them with quick appointment scheduling.

FCA US Owner Apps, available free for download on both iOS and Android mobile devices, arm owners with mobile, on-the-go information about FCA US certified collision shops. In the confusion of an accident’s aftermath, the app helps steer owners to a nearby facility to repair their vehicle “correctly” with original equipment parts.

Owners can search a Shop Locator by city or ZIP code to identify a certified FCA US collision repair facility and schedule an appointment. Nearly 1,100+ participating independent repair facilities, are currently signed up as part of the FCA US Recognized Collision Repair program and are included in the Accident Assistant feature.

“The industry-first Accident Assistant feature of our FCA US Owner Apps is just the latest example of how the Mopar® brand is working to augment the ownership experience and put relevant vehicle information at owners’ fingertips,” said Tricia Hecker, Director of Mopar Marketing, FCA. “This feature demonstrates the Mopar brand’s commitment to providing customers with proper vehicle care and connecting owners with body shops that have the right tools and quality parts to repair their vehicles according to FCA US specs.”

The Accident Assistant feature also allows owners to create easy-to access accident records, upload insurance card information and capture accident photos. Owners can choose their favorite FCA US vehicle brand by selecting from Chrysler for Owners, Drive Dodge, Jeep® Vehicle Owners, Ram Toolbox or My FIAT® versions of the FCA US Owner App and Mopar Owner’s Companion App.

Each brand version also supports other 2011-2015 FCA US brand models. For instance, owners can download the Ram Toolbox version of the app but still access vehicle information in order to have their Jeep or Chrysler brand vehicle repaired. Brand versions of the FCA US Owner App are available for download in both English and Spanish on both smartphones and tablets.


For information on how to become an FCA US Recognized Collision Repair shop — and to have your facility included as a certified resource in the FCA US Owner App Accident Assistant feature — visit www.GetFCACertified.com, or call 949-221-0010.


If your shop isn’t part of the 1,100+ strong FCA Recognized Collision Repair Network, here’s a taste of what you’re missing:

  • Being listed in the FCA US Owner App Accident Assistant Feature
  • Featured placement in the Shop Locator on www.Mopar.com, with a personalized microsite and links to your shop’s website
  • The ability to stand out from a crowd of more than 35,000 body shops in the U.S.
  • Displaying official FCA US Recognized Collision Repair Network signage
  • Promoting your shop on your online outlets as an FCA US Recognized Collision Repair facility, as well as through additional channels via access to VIP Collision Care marketing tools
  • Capture of customers through the online appointment features of the app and www.Mopar.com


A relatively simple five-step process is involved in becoming an FCA US Recognized Collision Repair shop:

  • Enroll and register
  • Provide specified business information
  • Create a business capability assessment
  • Review your score and evaluation as part of the business development process
  • Schedule an on-site inspection


The Mopar® brand was the first in the industry to introduce a smartphone vehicle-information app for customers. The brand has redesigned the user experience and enhanced functionality of FCA US Owner Apps, providing easier access to vehicle and lifestyle information via mobile devices. In addition to the Accident Assistant feature, the app allows owners to tap into an “augmented reality” function by using the camera on mobile devices to scan and identify select instrument panel icons. Logging in to the app loads a trove of vehicle-specific information, including service history, maintenance schedules and recall notices. Owners can also update vehicle mileage via their device.

Download the free Mopar Owner’s Companion App through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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