• 2015

On Parr for Success


❱❱ Employees: 20

❱❱ Service Bays: 13

❱❱ Mopar® Parts Dealer: Spartanburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep®

❱❱ Customer Accommodations: Clean, well-lit waiting area, Wi-Fi, computer in the lobby for customers, television and a kid’s room with toys and TV.

Parr 3 Automotive is an 11,500 sq. ft. facility in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. Norman Parr started the business in Parr-3-photo-42007 with his two sons, Shane and Brian. They built the shop across the street from their full-service car wash, which opened in 1997. Parr worked with NASCAR legend Marty Robbins for a while and always worked on cars, so it was natural for him to open a shop of his own. Parr 3 is a full-service auto body shop with oil change bays, a tire shop and front-end alignment and suspension stations.

Southern Hospitality

Parr says you can have all the bells and whistles and you can have the product, but without common courtesy, you have nothing. “The only thing anybody’s got to sell anymore is service, and if you’re not going to provide that service, your competition is going to,” says Parr. He opens early and stays late to accommodate his customers. His shop has a night key drop, but he says everyone likes the personal attention of being able to talk to someone when they hand over their keys. “People are just comfortable leaving their cars with us.”

dreamstime_xl_33214159Connected with the Community

Parr says one key to being a successful company is staying connected with the community. His business supports the schools, local clubs and civic organizations. Parr says, “We don’t do any advertising in the newspaper or magazines or anything like that…I‘d rather spend my money here in the community where I get my money from, because I think they (residents) deserve to have it returned to them.”

Talented Technicians

“We could not do anything without the employees we have. They are fantastic! We’re just blessed with people who have a God-given talent,” Parr says. He keeps his employees at the top of their game by continuously sending them to training seminars. “If you want to stay in business, you’re going to keep your training up-to-date,” says Parr. He also says you need to give employees the tools they need to get the job done. That’s why he just bought a $16,000 scanner for Parr 3. “I’ve seen guys who went out of business because they say, ‘well, I’m not going to fool with computers.’ If you’re not going to fool with computers you might as well go home.”

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