• 2015

The Fix – Helpful Industry Nuggets

Gas prices are down. Seasonal travel miles are up. The outlook for independent repair facilities continues to be favorable. Here are more helpful industry nuggets:

GearW_OutlineWhen last reported by IHS Automotive, the average age of vehicles on the road was 11.4 years. Population of vehicles 12-plus years old is expected to increase.

GearW_OutlineBe current on AWD repair. Consumers are choosing AWD systems more each year. New vehicle sales in 2015 could include almost 30 percent with AWD if predictions are accurate.

GearW_OutlineNearly 50 percent of positive past experience. 11,500 vehicles studied had at least one tire with half-worn tread. Another 10 percent had at least one bald tire.

GearW_OutlineShop owners agree the leading reason for customers to return to your shop for future needs is a positive past experience.

GearW_OutlineWorn shocks at 50 percent efficiency can increase stopping distances due to the tires losing contact with the road surface.

GearW_OutlineIt is estimated that 80 percent of vehicle owners want someone else to service their vehicle vs. do-it-yourself. Over 250 million units are in operation.