• 2015

Shop Talk

What does your shop do to keep employees up-to-date on all aspects of the repair industry?

“Our shop staff takes part in training to learn quicker and easier ways to diagnose and troubleshoot. With everything changing daily, it’s important to keep your skills up-to-date. Without going to classes and without product knowledge, we’d be left behind.”

Shaunt Minassian, Manager, Repairs Unlimited

Lewisville, Texas


“We’ve attended a few Mopar® classes. Manufacturers are key, because they’re the big leaders in training. They always have updates on things like diagnosing problems and air conditioning issues. We get training on transmissions and take lubrication classes. We go to as many classes as we can; they’re worth the investment.”

Chris Clark, Owner, Clark’s Tire and Automotive

Spokane Valley, Washington


“We work really close with the local Dodge dealership, and we get a lot of training through I-Car. We learn proper repair procedures, anything to do with collision repair. It’s important to keep up with training so you don’t fall behind. If you can’t compete, don’t try, because it hurts other shops that are working hard to be the best.”

Robbie Berman, Owner, Robbie’s Automotive

Dover, New Jersey

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