• 2015

Jonathan Allegrucci First and Still Foremost


For 28-year-old Jonathan Allegrucci, his first step into the sport of drag racing has been classy, to say the least. During late 2011, Allegrucci jumped into a 510 CID V10 Mopar® Dodge Challenger Drag Pak NHRA Stock Eliminator car and has never looked back.

Owned by Chip Hoynitski, a close friend of his father Nuzi, Jonathan has been busy honing and refining his racing skills while driving the spectacular race car that the team has appropriately elected to keep looking factory stock.

“This look is exactly the way the car came from Detroit — we loved it so much we kept it,” Jonathan explained. “We started off racing it locally, but then in 2012 began attending and running some NHRA races. I had never driven a drag car before, so I guess I got spoiled right away. The Mopar Drag Pak is a lot of fun to drive — it sounds great and runs and feels so smooth.”

Allegrucci’s team, based out of the Scranton, Pennsylvania, area, is considered a fast-rising force within NHRA Stock Eliminator and Factory Showdown events. Much credit is due to an alliance they formed with highly reputed Mopar brand drag racer David Barton.

“A couple years ago we met and got ourselves hooked up with David Barton. He helped us expand our horizons and attend more and more races,” Jonathan added. “The car has seen a lot of evolution with his help.”

To date, the 2011 model has some pretty stout math to its credit too, including a career best 8.77 second elapsed time and a terminal speed that tops 153 mph.

“We were the first naturally aspirated car in NHRA history to run eight seconds, and we also held a NHRA National DSC_3757record in BB/SA in both 2013 and 2014 (9.05 seconds at 147.95 mph),” Jonathan said. “We have also won Class a number of times.”

Going forward, the team’s primary focus for 2015 is on the NHRA’s Factory Stock Showdown events.

“What we really like is the Challenger’s versatility,” Jonathan added. “In the Factory Stock Showdown races we run the FS/X designation, which is for normally aspirated cars. But then we can run Factory A-B-C for Stock Eliminator too. We love to run the car in both, whenever we can, because the car is so competitive.”

The race team is also carrying forward a little bit of cool drag racing tradition with its Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. The car has been dubbed the “Flying Wedge II” in recognition of car owner Chip Hoynitski’s father, who ran a 1964 Max Wedge car (The Flying Wedge) many years before.