• 2015

The Mopar® Difference – Reman A/C Compressors


When the weather gets hot, make sure your customers keep their cool. As a high-stress component, A/C compressors have a level of complexity that requires servicers to pay close attention to build quality, component integrity and fitment. Get it right and you’re everybody’s hero. Get it wrong and you risk a customer coming back a little more than hot under the collar.ac art

Because they carry the Mopar® brand name, Mopar remanufactured A/C compressors are rebuilt to the highest O.E. specifications using the same O.E. subassemblies, gaskets and seals, and engineering specifications. The benefit is: O.E.-quality replacement compressors for less than the cost of new factory stock compressors. Best of all, pricing and availability for Mopar A/C compressors are competitive to many aftermarket compressors, which may lack O.E. build quality and sub-components.


When it comes to choosing between Mopar Reman A/C Compressors versus unknown aftermarket parts, the decision is easy. Call your FCA US LLC dealership today to get the Mopar Difference.

Key features of Mopar Reman A/C Compressors include:

  • Cylinders are gauged and honed to factory specsMR_000565_AC_CompressorNoShadow
  • Extensive final testing, including clutch, coil and O.E. noise specs
  • Remanufactured and tested in a state-of-the art facility
  • F/R heads and reed valves are tested for PSI and vacuum capacity
  • New piston rings and O-rings are replaced with new rings
  • Shaft bearings are removed and replaced as needed

Mopar Reman A/C compressors look, act and feel just like the original. Here’s what makes them superior to typical aftermarket versions:

  • Rebuilt to O.E. Factory Specifications
  • Correct O.E. Designed Clutch
  • Properly Cleaned Gasket Surfaces
  • Cleaned to O.E. Specifications
  • Correct O.E. Spec. Seals and Gaskets
  • O.E.-Spec. Lubricants, Fluids
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